My Favourite Hair Products – And How To Use Them

If you know me well enough, you probably know that hair is the one thing that I actually put time and effort into. I've never been a make-up fanatic, or really a clothes or accessories fanatic for that matter, but hair is something I've always loved, and it's most likely because both of my parents [...]

As Seen on Student Life Network: After Graduating University, I Still Feel Unqualified For a Job

Through a survey, we recently discovered that 49% of students feel unqualified for a job in their field. It’s called Imposter Syndrome. And in fact, a staggering 70% of Millennials have experienced it. I was one of them. Never heard this term before? It’s a concept that describes individuals who have an inability to internalize their accomplishments. They have a [...]

As Seen On Student Life Network: Why I Wanted to Drop Out in my Last Year of University

According to a Canadian study, almost 90 per cent of students stated that they felt overwhelmed with what they were expected to do during a school year, and 50 per cent said they felt hopeless. The mental toll that university takes is a reality for many, including myself. I distinctly remember standing up and walking [...]