My Favourite Hair Products – And How To Use Them

If you know me well enough, you probably know that hair is the one thing that I actually put time and effort into. I've never been a make-up fanatic, or really a clothes or accessories fanatic for that matter, but hair is something I've always loved, and it's most likely because both of my parents [...]

As Seen on Student Life Network: After Graduating University, I Still Feel Unqualified For a Job

Through a survey, we recently discovered that 49% of students feel unqualified for a job in their field. It’s called Imposter Syndrome. And in fact, a staggering 70% of Millennials have experienced it. I was one of them. Never heard this term before? It’s a concept that describes individuals who have an inability to internalize their accomplishments. They have a [...]

As Seen On Student Life Network: Why I Wanted to Drop Out in my Last Year of University

According to a Canadian study, almost 90 per cent of students stated that they felt overwhelmed with what they were expected to do during a school year, and 50 per cent said they felt hopeless. The mental toll that university takes is a reality for many, including myself. I distinctly remember standing up and walking [...]


The road to success is long and filled with obstacles, but the end-goal and final destination never came to anyone without hardships and a whole lot of work. I was never the type of person to go along with life and let it steer me in the direction it wanted me to take me. I [...]

As Seen On Student Life Network: Why Your Education Can’t End Once You Graduate

School is an important instrument that helps propel students into the workplace. It teaches you the basics of your field and how to navigate the “real-world.” Or at least, that’s what you were told. Most students think that once they’re finished their four-year-degree, the education stops. They’re done with learning and all the expensive textbooks [...]