My expertise spans many different areas, as I have worked on everything from online marketing and content strategy to editorial creation, digital public relations, branding strategy and much more!

I have been creating content for both print and online publications, as well as a wide range of clients within a wide range of different industries, for more than three years. I have the ability to craft strong and unique brand voices as well as compelling stories that get to the true heart of organizational values.

If you want to view some of my projects, please contact me directly and I can provide you with the link to my online portfolio.

You can find me on Daily Life, and can check out my latest client, The Dapper Beaver.

Communication and Branding Strategies

  • Brand guides (brand voice, vision/mission statements, etc.)
  • Communication strategy

Digital Marketing and Online Content Strategies

Social Media Marina Khonaisser
  • Editorial strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Social media schedules
  • Inbound marketing campaigns

Copywriting and Blogs

Copy Blog Marina Khonaisser
  • Website copy
  • Key messaging
  • SEO-focused blog posts
  • eNewsletters
  • Flyers

Who Else Have I Worked With?

  • Retail / Fashion / Lifestyle
  • Wellness brands
  • Hospitality brands
  • Interior Design
  • Not-For-Profits
  • Food / CSG
  • Bridal
  • Medical
  • E-commerce

Want to see more of my work, such as detailed communication plans, editorial calendars, social media schedules and much more? Get in touch with me today.

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