Hi! I’m Marina, a marketing and communications professional passionate about building brands and developing beautiful online content and social media strategies.

Over the years I have developed a fine-tuned ability to craft strong and unique brand voices, as well as compelling corporate narratives that get to the true heart of organizational values. I have created content and funnel marketing strategies for a variety of different audiences and clients in a number of different industries such as hospitality, healthcare, retail, industrial construction, food, bridal and many more.


As a driven individual I always knew storytelling was my passion. In fact, I have been crafting content for both print and online publications for a number of years, and I first became published at the age of thirteen. You can even find my piece “Why I Wanted to Drop Out in my Last Year of University” on the very first page of Google (Search Engine Optimization is one of my many skills!).

I eventually pursued a degree in communications where I developed strategic business, marketing and communication skills all while completing two internships and writing for a Toronto-based, online publication called Student Life Network. I now work full-time in digital marketing. With a major in Professional Communication with Distinction, I understand just how important key messaging is in this digital age.

My other passions include travel, lifestyle and photography, and now I’m sharing all of that with YOU, because, of course, what is work without a little bit of play?

Thanks for following along!

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