Three Strategies for “Moving Up” in an Organization and Scoring Larger Roles

On January 24th, 2019 I presented as an Alumni Speaker at the Bachelor of Communication Speaker Series Event. One of the questions I got asked was: “what are some of the strategies you would recommend to students if they’re looking to take on a larger role in an organization” In response to this question, I listed […]

As Seen On Student Life Network: Why I Wanted to Drop Out in my Last Year of University

According to a Canadian study, almost 90 per cent of students stated that they felt overwhelmed with what they were expected to do during a school year, and 50 per cent said they felt hopeless. The mental toll that university takes is a reality for many, including myself. I distinctly remember standing up and walking […]


The road to success is long and filled with obstacles, but the end-goal and final destination never came to anyone without hardships and a whole lot of work. I was never the type of person to go along with life and let it steer me in the direction it wanted me to take me. I […]

As Seen On Student Life Network: Dress for Success: The Do’s and Don’ts of Mastering Your Work Look

An important part of being a professional in the workforce is looking the part! According to a 2014 article, a staggering 65% of bosses will hire the better-dressed candidate over another with the same qualifications. Having expertise in your field is certainly more important than anything, but you can’t factor out your wardrobe just because […]