The road to success is long and filled with obstacles, but the end-goal and final destination never came to anyone without hardships and a whole lot of work. I was never the type of person to go along with life and let it steer me in the direction it wanted me to take me. I [...]

As Seen On Student Life Network: Why Your Education Can’t End Once You Graduate

School is an important instrument that helps propel students into the workplace. It teaches you the basics of your field and how to navigate the “real-world.” Or at least, that’s what you were told. Most students think that once they’re finished their four-year-degree, the education stops. They’re done with learning and all the expensive textbooks [...]

As Seen On Student Life Network: Why You Need to Cut Some People Out of Your Life—Now

As you go through life, it’s inevitable that you’ll lose some friends along the way. You might go to different schools, move to different places, or simply lose touch. There will also be friends that you may hang on to for years, which is great! Those are the people you can depend on, hang out with, [...]

As Seen On Student Life Network: 6 Great Reasons to Get Creative with your Electives

Universities and colleges offer a staggering amount of classes. But when you’re in a specific program or pursuing a certain major, there’s always a list of mandatory courses you need to take to meet your degree’s graduation criteria. While there are going to be lots of classes you have to take, there’s also going to [...]

As Seen On Student Life Network: Dress for Success: The Do’s and Don’ts of Mastering Your Work Look

An important part of being a professional in the workforce is looking the part! According to a 2014 article, a staggering 65% of bosses will hire the better-dressed candidate over another with the same qualifications. Having expertise in your field is certainly more important than anything, but you can’t factor out your wardrobe just because [...]

As Seen On Student Life Network: “She Tweeted WHAT?” Why You Should Give a Damn About Online Privacy

It’s the age of the Internet. Things are constantly changing, and they’re changing fast. When our parents were applying for their first jobs, it was either impossible or unlikely that the interviewer would be typing their names into Google to see what kind of results showed up. These days, we’re  living and breathing on the [...]

As Seen On Student Life Network: 11 Scholarly Stresses That You Need to Conquer (Because You Actually Can)

If there’s one thing that post-secondary students have in common, it’s feeling stressed out. Most of the time, however, our stress can be controlled and managed, and we’re often strung out when we don’t even need to be. Ripe and ready for the back-to-school season, here are some coping mechanisms that are sure to help you out [...]

As Seen On Student Life Network: 12 Healthy and Effective Ways to Overcome Failure

As much as we hate it, failure is an inevitable part of life. We all want to excel and be good at everything right off the bat, but the fact is that when we’re trying something new, there’s a good chance that we’re going to… well, fail. I remember going into my second year of [...]

As Seen On Student Life Network: Shake Off Your Interview Jitters Using This Job Interview Toolkit

Interviews are stressful. It’s easy to feel anxious sitting across from a stranger that’s asking tough questions and judging you the whole time. Not the most ideal, but you’re an SLNer. You’ve got this.There are ways to go in and out of a job interview feeling confident and empowered. If you haven’t checked it out [...]