URBANYEG is a local not-for-profit focused on creating a community around photographers, as well as promoting and contributing to mental health initiatives. While URBANYEG had a well-established community on Instagram, they felt like they had much more to say. A website, and ultimately a blog, was what they wanted to created so they could talk about mental health initiatives, and write blog posts directed at the community.

What Did We Do?

I was brought on as the Communications Manager for this new stage of URBANYEG’s online journey. My role was to consult on digital marketing tactics specific to Instagram, and take the URBANYEG team through branding sessions that would ultimately determine the key messaging and copy for the new website.

I put together exercises to develop:

  • Mission and vision statements 
  • Value statements 
  • Brand voice and identity 


The URBANYEG website has recently been launched, and I continue to consult on blog and overall promotion strategy. Additionally, I manage the URBANYEG Instagram account.

You can find the digital strategy I put together for UrbanYEG here: UrbanYEG Digital Strategy Document

Published by Marina Khonaisser

Hi! I'm Marina, a Content Manager and Digital Strategist passionate about building brands and developing online content strategies that tell captivating stories.

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