The Art Gallery of Alberta realized just how important Instagram had become in the world of digital marketing, and the communications team was eager to put together a communication strategy focused on Instastories to present to upper management.

The upper management was hesitant when it came to using Instastories due to the fact that they were unsure if it matched an art gallery’s brand and persona.

What Did We Do? 

Working with the Communications Coordinator, I was tasked with first putting together a competitive analysis and answer this question: What were other museums and galleries doing on Instagram?

After completing a 32-page competitive analysis, my next step was put together an in-depth communications plan which would guide the AGA’s Instastories strategy.

Over a two-month process, I then created a 50-page communication strategy for the Art Gallery of Alberta to utilize which included:

  • An executive summary 
  • SWOT analysis 
  • GOST analysis 
  • Noted competitors 
  • Detailed section about Instastories and best practices 
  • AGA Instastory categories and strategy 
  • Instastory scheduling recommendations 
  • Additional resources


The strategy has since been approved by upper management and implemented by the communications team. Please contact me directly to receive a copy of the full strategy.

Published by Marina Khonaisser

Hi! I'm Marina, a Content Manager and Digital Strategist passionate about building brands and developing online content strategies that tell captivating stories.

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