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If you’re like me, you’re seriously over the cold, dry weather we are currently experiencing in Edmonton, Alberta. The worst part about this type of weather is how harsh it can be on hair. In our type of climate it can be a struggle to keep the hair adequately oiled and soft (check out my previous blog My Favourite Hair Products – And How To Use Them!) 

That being said, I always like to experiment with different hair products in the shower. I often change up shampoos and conditioners depending on the weather to ensure my hair is being properly maintained. Here are the four I’m using right now.  

First, shampoo and conditioner!

Pantene’s Ice Shine

pantene shampoo hair product

I usually don’t fall in love with a shampoo and conditioner that you can find on a drug market shelf. I tend to prefer speciality brands that you buy in salons or warehouses, but Pantene’s Pro-V Ice Shine line really surprised me. The best part is that you don’t have to use too much of it. I have super thick hair, so I’m usually pumping out a ton of shampoo and conditioner to ensure I can wash my whole head, but this pair really goes a long way.

The shampoo really helps to moisten my hair, rather than suck out all of the natural oils and make it super dry, and my scalp feels super clean after use. The conditioner is also very moisturizing, and not greasy at all which I love. Both products really do help keep a shine to your hair.

Second, a good hair mask. If you’re not already using a hair mask at least once a week, and you have dry, string-like hair, I highly recommend including one in your shower routine – I live for hair masks!

Revlon Uniq One’s Hair Mask


This product line really is superior to a ton of the ones out there on the market. This hair mask is super nourishing, and delivers 10 real benefits:

  • Deep hair damage repair
  • Intense nourishment
  • Strengthens hair from roots to ends
  • Shine
  • Silkiness and smoothness
  • Defrizzing and detangling
  • Ultra hydrating
  • Quickly absorbs in only 3 minutes
  • Weightless finish with natural volume
  • Non-greasy

Unlike conditioner, you can get a hair mask into your roots to help moisten everything. Something I like to do when my hair is super dry is I will put the Pantene conditioner on the ends of my hair, and then also add this hair mask from my roots all the way to the ends – and it doesn’t wash out greasy at all!

Garneir Whole Blends Hair Mask

garnier hair mask blog

I love this hair mask because it’s made up of three honey derived ingredients that all work together to produce an amazing smell, as well as helps product and nourish dry and fragile hair. Every time I used this product in the shower my hair comes out extremely silky and smooth, and I often switch between the Revlon hair mask and this one. It also helps make my hair more manageable, and it helps tame my curls quite easily. It is a lush and creamy hair product that I continue to buy and love!

What are the hair products you’re using in the shower right now?

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